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Dawning of a New Day

There is no time like the present. In a world of hectic schedules, demanding careers, family obligations and so much more - you should not have to struggle to always look and feel your best. "Being well dressed and having style has nothing to do with how much you spend. Some of the people who spend the most money look the worst." - Iris Apfel Are you ready to get started?

Kylie Mascara

Free Consultation for
Every First Time Client

What To Expect

  • Image Consulting

    This service is to help you to create an image for your professional life. What does your style say about you? We are creating a wardrobe that is easy for you to pull from and allows you to always look and feel your best.

  • Wardrobe Assessment

    We take a look at your closet to see what fits, what looks right, and focus on essentials to build on your newly desired style. This is a huge lesson in working with what you have and building a great wardrobe for yourself.

  • Closet Editing

    This is very similar to wardrobe assessment, but more focused on purging all those clothes that no longer serve you. This is extremely helpful in learning to build a new wardrobe that better suits you and will definitely make getting ready a lot easier!

  • Personal shopping

    Just as it sounds, we are finding looks that you love and that compliment your existing wardrobe. I can bring styles to your home, take care of online ordering or venture to local boutiques and department stores to help build on your current wardrobe.

  • Seasonal Styling

    Yes, there is such a thing! This services helps to dress you appropriately for each season while keeping you up to date with the latest trends, and making sure you feel confident for those holiday gatherings.

  • Beauty Consulting

    Makeover (partial and full). This may be my favorite part of my business! I have worked within in the industries of modeling, hair and makeup, and styling for quite a while now. I love when a client comes to me and wants to shake things up a bit or desires an entire new look. I have a list of great salons, makeup artists and many other talented individuals that are in the field of making us feel good and look amazing. This is the “new you” of my services. There is no greater feeling than being your best self!

  • Photo shoot styling

    This is for onset and offset wardrobe styling. I have worked in front of the camera and behind it for over 10 years. This includes styling for modeling campaigns, modeling portfolios, children’s photo shoots, family holiday photos, senior portraits, engagement photos, maternity photo shoots, and beauty/boudoir shoots.

  • Special Event Styling

    This service is mainly for formal and black tie events. Outside of finding a fabulous ensemble, I have a team of experts to help get you ready for the evening. But let us not forget- confidence and grace are your best accessories!

  • Bridal Styling

    And while this is the most important day of your life; the events and obligations that lead up to it absolutely require a certain elegance and distinctive appearance of what is appropriate and yet showcases your personal style. I work exclusively with brides to help them prep for their special day and everything leading up to it. I help to style the bride and groom for the engagement shoots, the rehearsal dinner and everything in between. The last thing you should be doing is stressing about your wardrobe. Trust me, your energy is much needed elsewhere!

  • Custom Suiting

    I work side by side with a gentleman who has been in the business for 30 + years. Everything is custom, down to the thread sewn into the buttons. This is for the guy or gal that wants the perfect fit for their build and is ready to make a great investment into their wardrobe. Highly suggestive to business professionals.

About Kylie Mascara

I grew up witnessing beautiful transformations. I would watch as women walked into my Mother’s salon and spa, and walked out looking and feeling better about themselves. Inspired and desperately wanting to attend beauty school at the age of 18, my parents insisted that college and grad school be my next steps. I have always been fascinated by fashion and what that means to us as individuals. Modeling with Docherty Agency after college and working on sets of photo shoots really brought everything to the surface for me. After years of working in the corporate world, I began working for Anthropologie in 2012. I started my own personal styling business that same year. Today, I am transforming closets and wardrobes, guiding my clients to local boutiques, and clothing them in confidence. I encourage every one of my clients to look and feel their very best and see their true potential and self-worth – all without spending a fortune.